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Corporate Governance

The company's ownership and governance

Transiro is a Swedish publicly traded company with headquarters in Stockholm, and has an office in New Delhi. Transiro (TIRO MTF) is listed at NGM Nordic Growth Markets and follow NGM’s regulations. Transiro does not apply the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and the Annual Accounts Act’s rules on corporate governance report, as NGM is not defined as a regulated market and therefore these rules does not apply.


Ownership Structure

The largest shareholders

NS Ventures, 3,188,288 shares (27,89%)


New Equity Ventures Int. II, 1,379,848 shares (12,07%)


Weckma Invest AB, 1,200,760 shares (10,51%)


DFS Consulting, 1,085,850 shares (9,50%)


Ultra Bang AB, 983,812 shares (8,61%)


Overall, major shareholders 7,838,558
In total, the other owners 3,591,442
In total, all owners 12,144,286

The largest owners of nominee list per 2017-12-31.

Financial Calendar

Upcoming Important Dates

  • 20180228 Year-end Report Q4 2017
  • 20180427 Quarterly report Q1 2018
  • 20180829 Interim Report Q2 2018
  • 20181102 Quarterly Report Q3 2018


The Company's Auditor

The general assembly elected Ericsson & Lejonhird AB has been chosen as auditor, with the responsible auditor Camilla Malmgren.

Board of Directors

Jonas Litborn

Chairman of the board

Jonas has been working 10 years with startups focusing on the southeast asian market, he is also chairman in several listed companies.

Anders Larsson

Anders Larsson

Board member

Anders has been active in the transport industry since 2011, both operationally and as chairman of Taxi 10000 and Eskilstuna Taxi. Anders comes last from a mission as CEO of Samtrans.

Anna Lassi

Anna Lassi

Board Member

Anna Lassi is working as CFO at Nasdaq listed Mavshack AB.

Robert Jensen

Robert Jensen

Board Member

Latest News

News, press releases, etc.

Transiro will increase sales with content marketing
Mon, 30 Jan 2017 09:18:00

Transiro starts using content marketing and lead generation to cost-effectively increase sales through digital channels.

Government inquiry opens the door to the taxi industry
Wed, 21 Dec 2016 09:08:00

New bill enables for Transiro Int. AB to break through to the taxi industry. According to new information from the government inquiry of the taxi industry, solutions such as the company’s are advocated over the traditional taximeter.

Transiro signs agreement with Nobina Sweden
Fri, 16 Dec 2016 06:50:00

IT-company Transiro Int. AB has signed a contract with public transport company Nobina Sweden and sister company Swebus. The agreement that include Transiro’s cloud-based products, begins in December 2016.

Transiro 2.0 ready for launch
Tue, 13 Dec 2016 11:10:00

Transiro announces that the development of the updated product package Transiro 2.0 is completed. The company will now focus on increasing their sales and create profitability for its customers.


Share Capital etc.

The share capital of Transiro AB Int. (Publ) amounts to 607 214,30 SEK divided into 12 144 286 shares with a quota value of 0.05 SEK per share. The company has only one class of shares and each share entitles to one vote. According to the Articles of Association, the share capital may amount to not less than 500 000 SEK and a maximum of 2,000,000 SEK and the number of shares to not less than 10 million and up to 40 million.
The shares have been issued in accordance with Swedish law and are denominated in SEK. The shares are registered electronically in accordance with the record day provision in the Articles of Association and the share register kept by Euro-clear. All shares have equal rights to profits and dividends and to Transiro Int. AB (Publ) assets and any surplus on liquidation.

Company Description

Exchange General Description

Transiro develops cloud-based products that help companies in the transport to strengthen their critical business processes. By visualizing and handling vehicles at more effectively saves Transiros customers time, resources and environment. Broad functionality including support for e-commerce and mobile devices allows Transiro to replace a transport business needs of several different systems.

Trading Information

Short Name, ISIN etc.

The share’s short name on the stock exchange: TIRO MTF
ISIN code for the shares traded on the stock exchange: SE0009190879
The company’s share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB

Share Capital Development

New Issues, Splits, etc.

Time Event Quotient Increase of the Number of Shares Increase of Share Capital Total Shares Total Share Capital (SEK)
January 2016 Company Formation 1.00 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000
April 2016 New Issue 1.00 250 000 250 000 300 000 300 000
May 2016 New Issue 1.00 57,143 57,143 357 143 357 143
June 2016 New Issue 1.00 142 857 142 857 500 000 500 000
October 2016 Split (20: 1) 0.05 9,500,000 0 10,000,000 500 000
November 2016 New Issue 0.05 1,430,000 71 500 11,430,000 571 500
October 2017 New Issue 0.05 714 286 35 714,30 12 144 286 607 214,30