IT consulting for the transportation industry

When you need help with integrations, administration or product development etc.

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We can help you streamline your work by creating integrations between the systems you are using today. To create an environment where different systems can share their data, we create an integration platform where we connect the systems that you request.


We can help you adminstrate the systems you have created. We have extensive experience within administraion and further development of existing systems. If you are active in the transportation industry and have a system that need administration, then we are the right partner for the task.

Product development

We can help you develop new products and further develop existing ones, so that they better can meet the requirements that you are setting for your business. Our development team have extensive experience working in both small and larger projects, for external customers as well as for our own products.

Smart solutions that frees up time and resources for your business

Do you have a booking system that you like, but that is unable to communicate with your invoice system? Do you have a product, but lack the resources to administrate and further develop it? Do you have a unique business that need a custom made system, tailored for your way of working?

There are a lot of situations where consultants can be a good solution to handle problems that you can’t or don’t have the resources to solve by yourself. Let us benefit from our experience of administrating and developing systems in the transportation industry to help you, and let you instead focus on the things that you do best.

With a team of developers in Sweden, India and Russia we can scale up the production in case of need and scale down and adjust the resources according to the current demand. Our project managers in Sweden are used to handle multiple projects at once and our developers work with systems for the transportation industry on a daily bases. Our own products testifies for the quality.

Some of our customers

Customer case: Arlanda Express

Administration and development of customer specific systems

A faithful customer that we’ve had the privilege to work with for multiple years. They have a complex system with many different integrations and a continuously active process with further development of new features.

Transiro manages the administration of Arlanda Express’s system and further develops it upon requests. Historically we have among other things integrated their homepage with their internal system for ticket sales and developed the functions to buy tickets online, make direct payments through banks and get tickets delivered through sms.

We have also developed systems for their back office, internal web and the application that shows when the next train leaves the station. The indicator is visible on all the stations, hotels in the city, as well as on a couple of other strategically chosen locations i Stockholm.

Together it sums up as a lot of different parts and functions that have been developed through good cooperation for several years.

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