Smart products for handling orders of bus transportation

Customized for commuter, charter & replacement services.

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Smart products that grant you satisfied customers & better environment

Create a better environment and simplify everyday for your travelers, suppliers and employees. Transiro gives you, who run a bus company, everything you need to handle everyday work.

Among the products functions are included for order handling, invoicing and mobile apps that help your drivers drive more sustainably and cost efficient.

With better insight in your business and better overview of your buses positioning, you can give your coworkers a better work environment and wish your travelers a pleasant journey.

Save time

Avoid the hassle with several different systems and incoherent solutions. Transiro ties all parts together and streamlines work so that you can save time.

Save resources

Avoid the headache with forgotten invoices or badly informed commuters. With Transiro you’ve always got full control of everything from invoicing to planning and real-time positioning of your buses.

Save the environment

Use the planning tool and Transiro’s driver app to make your routes more effective and help your drivers drive more sustainably.

Make your work more efficient by utilizing all of Transiros’ functionalities for:


Handle your orders easily with access to functions for: customized customer login, emergency alerts, real-time positioning, prioritizing and a lot more.


Transiro offers an advanced invoicing module with unique price lists for both customers and suppliers, automatic invoices, dynamic bonus terms, discounts and more.


Transiro grants you access to the latest planning view edition, that makes it easy for you to both administrate and plan orders for commuter and charter transportations.

Statistics & Reports

All data that is gathered in the platform can be visualized as graph statistics with filtering and search functions available. You can also share the data through customized reports that enables easy follow-up for management and planners.

Driver app

Transiro’s driver app provides information regarding your drivers’ positions in real-time, helps your drivers drive more sustainably, calculates estimated time of arrival, creates mileage logs, grants you full access to statistics and a lot more. Available for both Android and iOS.

Real-time positioning

In the map module you can easily keep track of all your transports in real-time. You can also, on a highly detailed level, track specific transports and take part of important information regarding estimated time of arrival, actual arrival time and more.

A selection of our customers

Transiro’s business model is subscription based and varies in price depending on the amount of vehicles and admins for every customer.

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