Innovative Solutions

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people by creating products which helps companies to offer more efficient and environmentally friendly transport.


Experience and Knowledge

Our history goes as far back as 1986. We have extensive experience in the IT industry and transport and can thus offer a competence for the ordinary. We like to be at the forefront and is constantly looking for new innovative solutions.


Board and Management

Thomas Edselius

Chairman of the Board

Thomas is Chief Financial Officer NS Ventures and supervises the economic activity of the NS and NS Ventures portfolio in Sweden, USA and India. He brings over twenty years experience in economics from several small and large businesses. Thomas holds a degree in Civil Economics from Uppsala University.

Tobias Beckman


Tobias is Managing Director of Transiro and oversees the operations and strategic direction of Transiro. He has over twelve years experience in the IT industry from both small and large IT companies. Tobias holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Fredric Wallstén

Board Member

Fredric is a Board member in Transiro. He has over 20 years experience from the IT and Telecom industry in various sales and management positions. Fredric has a marketing training from IHM Business School.

Stephan Knowles

Board Member

Stephan is development manager at NS Ventures and overseas architecture and product development for all businesses in NS portfolio. He has over twenty five years experience in the IT industry as an entrepreneur and founder of several IT companies. Stephan has a Diploma in Software Engineering and Management from the University of Uppsala.

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